Catarina Gouveia – Embracing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Actress, mother, author, health advocate, nature enthusiast, and founder of fashion brand Pura, the influence of Catarina Gouveia knows no bounds.

Starting her career as an actress in 2009, Catarina first gained popularity in Portugal with the teen series ‘Morangos com Açúcar.’ She has since acted in many successful TV series but the birth of Catarina the mother changed the trajectory of her life and her professional career.

“Becoming a mother was very transformative for my career. I had worked for many years and invested a large part of my professional life as an actress, but when I became pregnant, I decided to dedicate myself to this new chapter of my life: motherhood.”

Catarina is married to Pedro Melo Guerra, a businessman linked to the automotive sector, who gave birth to her daughter, Esperança, two years ago. This was a defining moment for her, as she fully embraced motherhood and stepped away from acting. Instead of hindering her career, motherhood became a catalyst for transformation. She discovered newfound strength and courage within herself, letting go of her perfectionist tendencies as she realised that the most important thing in her life was the health and well-being of her daughter. This shift in perspective allowed her to pursue long-held dreams with a renewed sense of purpose. Motherhood became not a limitation, but a source of inspiration and motivation for her career.

As she navigated the ups and downs of motherhood and the overload of often contradictory information, Catarina felt compelled to share her experiences with other women. This led to the creation of her book, ‘Ser Mãe Com Esperança,’ a heartfelt tribute to her journey through pregnancy, childbirth, and the early stages of her daughter’s life. She consulted trustworthy professionals to provide relevant and useful information and drew from her own experiences. Rather than simply offering practical advice, Catarina’s book serves as a collection of shared experiences among women to support and empower each other on their unique journeys through motherhood.

“We follow trends that come and go, but will there ever be an end to the elegance of a good linen dress combined with a straw hat and sandals? My must-have fashion item is, without a doubt, a beautiful linen dress, preferably white.”

Being a passionate fashion enthusiast, Catarina often found herself disappointed with the fast fashion industry, as the pieces she invested in tended to deteriorate quickly. This frustration fueled her desire to create something of higher quality and sustainability. In May 2023, she took a leap of faith and brought her vision to life by launching her clothing brand, Pura Slow Living.

Pura is built on three core values: simplicity, quality, and elegance. The brand offers a collection of timeless fashion pieces that are meticulously designed to withstand the test of time. Each garment is crafted from linen, emphasising durability and sustainability. Originally available in black or white, Pura has expanded its colour palette to include khaki.

With a commitment to sustainability, Pura prioritises ethical sourcing, manufacturing, and delivery practices. By partnering with reputable suppliers and promoting conscious consumer choices, the brand aims to create a lasting impact on the fashion industry.

For Catarina, embracing slow living is allowing lightness to permeate her life by living with awareness in the present moment, being certain that less is more and finding beauty in simplicity. As a woman, she faces the ongoing challenge of balancing her roles as a woman, mother, and professional. Each day, she navigates this delicate equilibrium, grappling with the inevitable frustrations that come when tasks remain unfinished. Catarina acknowledges the impossibility of being perfect in every aspect of her life and instead focuses on what truly matters to overcome obstacles and strive towards her goals.

‘To me, healthy living is to live in emotional, mental and physical balance, with good daily habits that value this harmony!’

Catarina Gouveia is living proof of the saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body,” demonstrating the importance of taking care of ourselves holistically. She has experienced firsthand the powerful impact of a nutritious, diverse diet focused on fruits, vegetables, and hydration on both her body and skin, as well as her mental well-being.

Her essential daily beauty habits which help to maintain her healthy lifestyle include sunscreen, especially during the summer months, quality moisturisers, eye creams, and extending her skincare regimen to often-neglected areas such as the neck, décolleté, and hands, recognizing their significance in combating signs of ageing.

Through her proactive approach to self-care, Catarina exemplifies the importance of nurturing one’s body, mind, and skin from the inside out.

Although she has travelled extensively her favourite holiday destination is Verde Lago, in the Algarve. She loves being immersed in Portuguese culture, while enjoying the beautiful green spaces with plenty of nature and access to the beach, combined with the amazing service and family experiences on offer.

‘If I could give 18-year-old Catarina one piece of advice it would be to keep believing and to never stop working and dreaming, because if all paths are followed with hope, love, work and dedication, they will lead to good endings.’

The future for Catarina looks bright. Content with the success of Pura, she is eager to expand the brand internationally. She also has new projects in mind that she hopes to bring to fruition. As for acting, she hopes to return in the future with a role that challenges her. However, her top priority remains building a strong foundation for a happy family, for her daughter to thrive in.