My Business Plan – Tim Vieira

As we start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of this covid crisis, we need to prepare ourselves to emerge from this pandemic stronger than ever. We have to cast aside our pre-covid plans which inevitably had to be cancelled, changed or placed on hold. Those future trips we had, career paths we were following, business opportunities that vanished as life in general changed and we need to accept it accordingly if we wish to flourish in post-covid times.

We do this by establishing our personal business plan which covers three main aspects which will allow us to prosper immediately from today.

Firstly, we need to ensure that we are physically healthy, not triathlon fit but walking fit. We need to eat healthy, get enough sleep, relax and get into reasonable shape by doing nothing extreme but doing something often enough to break a sweat and increase our heart rate.

Secondly, we need to ensure that we are mentally strong and healthy. For this we need to keep working our mind by starting new courses or learning new skills, whether on-line or off-line. We need to improve our knowledge by following our interests and passions, sometimes even becoming experts in our field of interests. We need to upscale if our jobs are at risk or learn new skills if we don’t have jobs. Bettering ourselves will remove much of the stress and anxiety of not having control of our lives or futures.

Thirdly we have to ensure that we are emotionally strong by spending time with people we can learn from and inspire us. We need to spend time with givers instead of takers and run away from negative individuals that drain us. Pray, meditate or do them both as you become stronger emotionally. Make sure you help those who are needier than you by giving of your time and talents as this will also boost your emotions positively. Spend time with loved ones and make new friends. Drink, love and laugh as this will be the vaccine for an emotionally stable life.

Don’t hold grudges or live in the past but rather love more and forgive wider as this is a habit that will change your life. Don’t follow the bad news or forward those conspiracy messages to others further adding to the gloom. Speak to older people and ask them what they miss most and then go out and do it yourself. Say please and thank you as often as you can for all the small things we take for granted.

Accept the things you cannot change and work hard to change those that you can. Invest in yourself, make yourself physically, mentally and emotionally better.

Tim Vieira 22/05/2021