Sun-Kissed Glow

Fall or autumn is around the next makeup chair so I decided to show you some of the makeup products I used a lot this Summer in my makeup kit, makeup I have found work really well in the heat of the Algarve.

It’s been a year and a half since my husband, dog and I decided to move to the Algarve and I’m delighted we did, we love it here.  In my professional life I am building up my business as a bridal makeup artist.  Coming from Ireland I never really had to factor in how hot a day can get! Or I never thought about how the light in the Algarve is totally different from the light in Ireland. Products I used in Ireland didn’t necessarily work so well in the Algarve. So here is a list of some of my favourite makeup products, the ones I use all the time when I am doing evening makeup or bridal makeup here in the Algarve. Enjoy! 

AYU Cream Blush 

Cream blushers are huge right now because they are so easy to use and give a lovely colour pop to your cheeks. Makeup is looking more natural these days and a cream blush adds to that. This blush is so lovely on the cheeks, I use it all the time on my brides. I have 5 colours to choose from depending on the colour of the skin! A must-have in your makeup bag. 

AYU Mineral BB cream 

Another AYU product I love is their mineral BB creams. It comes in so many shades, there’s one for every skin tone. This is a stunning lightweight BB cream that dries to a Semi Matt finish so it’s fab in the heat. If you want a no-makeup makeup look this is the one for you. 

Charlotte Tilbury, Matt revolution, PILLOWTALK, iconic lipstick

Love this lipstick, especially for my brides. It’s a perfect pink for a nude look and because it’s matt it will last longer on your lips. The PILLOWTALK original is my favourite colour, but there are lots of hues to choose from. 

Catherine Hill, Angel magic serum

This pre-makeup serum was a game changer for me working in the Algarve. It’s a clear liquid serum you apply onto the face and brush onto the skin, let it set for about 2 minutes and make up your face as usual, it’s like cement! Your makeup will stay in place all day no matter what the heat. The only thing I would say is less is more when you’re putting your foundation over this product, Through trial and error I realised it can go patchy if you put too much on the face. BB cream or a light foundation looks fabulous over it. You can get this product online on Amazon or IDA Beauty

  • The eye shadow trend of the summer was the burnt orange smokey eyes and it’s set to continue this autumn with a hint of matt chocolate brown mixed in it. It is lovely on blue and brown eyes, it makes them really pop. In my makeup range, I used brick, ember & chocolate. For a stunning shine over them, I used Sandra D ! 
  • I also love the urban decay naked heat pellet. The colours in the palette are the colours of summer.  Lots of matt shades are included which stay longer on your eyelid without creasing.
  • So, there you have it. Some of my makeup must-haves! I hope you try them and if you have any questionsI would love to hear from you.