The French Gin Adventure

The G’Vine adventure has been an extraordinary experience for Maison Villevert, a family-owned company based in the Cognac region on the banks of the river 

Charente, their vineyards nestled in the very heart of the important grape region. G’Vine gin has, for almost 20 years, been a revolution in the gin category, a part 

of gin history and inspired many entrepreneurs in the gin industry. Why? G’Vine is made from grapes making it floral, smooth and elegant.  Known as “Gin de 

France”, G’Vine embodies French joie de vivre in a bottle and just in case there was any doubt as of this year, G’Vine is the only gin available on-board when travelling with Air France.  


“When I started G’Vine over 15 years ago there were about 700 gins on the market. Today there are over 7,000. It’s very exciting, of course, but it obviously 

makes the competition tougher, harsher and more motivating” says Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, founder and Master Distiller of Maison Villevert.  


G’Vine has inspired Masion Villevert to create other grape-based gins to add to the G’Vine family, all of which have also gone on to achieve wide acclaim. 


“Creating a product, launching it, selling it, whether it’s tasted and enjoyed, is a challenge. But the real success is durability – and that’s another challenge. In this 

world where everything moves quickly our first strength is to have been (and still be today) disruptive by being the first and only gin in the world made from grapes 

and the vine flower” Jean-Sébastien Robicquet adds.​ 


If G’Vine is the mother of the family, Nouaison is the eldest son. Nouaison is a taste of history, inspired by an original gin recipe from 1495, the oldest gin recipe 

known to exist, that used grapes to create gin. Popular with bartenders Nouaison has a unique balance combining the elegance of French grapes with a spicy, rich 

and complex aromatic profile. ​ 


Nouaison Gin Réserve is the unique result of a distillation of exceptional French grapes, herbs, fruits and spices to create Nouaison which is then combined with 

meticulous ageing in barrels of cognac from Le Pérat estate. Available in several batches, Nouaison Gin Reserve comes in a limited numbered series in 50cl 



Finally, we have the JUNE by G’Vine range. JUNE is an elegant and fruity gin made by infusing G’Vine with natural fruit aromas. The range launched in 

2019 with JUNE Wild Peach and Summer Fruits followed by JUNE Royal Pear 


and Cardamom in 2021.   

This summer Maison Villevert launched a third flavour, JUNE Watermelon.  The launch marks the continual release of exceptional creations by the independent 

French distillery.  


For the latest launch, the independent distillery selected watermelon, with its juicy and fragrant flesh, bringing a new dimension to this premium gin collection. 

This unique variation is a thirst-quenching and refreshing summer spirit offering notes of tangy watermelon enhanced by the freshness of cucumber and melon 

created to embody the spirit of summer.  


“Creative boldness is in our DNA at Maison Villevert, for gin as for all our other creations. We revisit each category to bring something different, surprising, and 

innovative. To do this, we must have strong convictions and also have a framework that allows us to feel and measure what is happening on the market, 

go out, travel, be curious, open to everything” says Jean-Sébastien Robicquet.   


Try JUNE by G’Vine Watermelon in these two refreshing cocktails; JUNE Watermelon Lemonade and JUNE Watermelon Summer Crush 

JUNE Watermelon Lemonade  


4 cl of JUNE Watermelon​ 

8 cl of Lemonade​ 

1⁄4 Fresh Lime Juice  

Slice of Watermelon​ 



Fill a long drink glass with ice cubes. Add JUNE Watermelon, lemonade and fresh lime juice. Stir with a cocktail spoon. Decorate with a thin slice of 



JUNE Watermelon Summer Crush  


4 cl JUNE Watermelon   

4 cl Cranberry Juice  

1⁄2 Lime Juice  

Good Quality Lemonade  


G’Vine Gin de France is widely available in Portugal from your local retailers 

including Continente, Auchan, Apolónia, Garrafeira Soares, Black Pepper Basil 

Lisboa and El Corte Inglés.  ​ 

Find out more @GvineGin.  ​