Algarve International Orchestra

The Algarve International Orchestra is a newly formed ensemble and the brainchild of the current Musical Director, Peter Fudge. He is a Conductor and musician from the UK and over the last 10 years, Peter has participated in many musical events here in the Algarve. He organizes bi-annual musical workshops where over 80 delegates from the UK, EU and Portugal attend.

Although rich with musical groups, he found that are only one or two Orchestras in the region and these are only open mainly to professional musicians. Thus, the newly formed Algarve International Orchestra has been set up for the benefit of ex-professional, semi-professional and amateur musicians who wish to play together on a regular basis.

Ex-patriots of all nations and Portuguese musicians living in and around the Algarve are welcomed to attend rehearsals and play music for fun in an orchestral setting. Peter believes that this is the first of its kind in the Algarve. From a standing start, in May of this year, the orchestra now boasts over 40 musicians in participation. This number will no doubt grow as the project becomes more established and popular.

The Orchestra’s first concert is a celebration of Christmas music and Carols to be held at 20.30hrs on 22nd December 2021 in the Tivoli Hotel, Carvoeiro. The event is open to anyone that wishes to spend an evening listening to Christmas music and singing traditional Christmas Carols. Entry is free however those wishing to attend should register their interest at Space and places are restricted. Click here to register:

The orchestra as a new project is recruiting musicians to fill some vacant instrumental spaces. If you play an orchestral instrument and would like to join them at their regular rehearsals then please see the contact details below for more information.

They are also seeking to work with local corporate sponsors in order to further develop this exciting musical project in the Algarve.

You can support the Algarve International Orchestra by clicking this link:

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