Beauty Treatments

Enjoy beauty treatments like the celebrities in Hollywood!!

Almancil is not Hollywood admittedly but here at Magic Beauty we bring a touch of Hollywood to the Algarve.  Yes absolutely as we offer the same technologies used by gorgeous stars like Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston to maintain and achieve those taut jawlines, plumped cheeks and youthful eyes.  But how is this possible and what are these treatments? Let me shed some light.

One of the most effective treatments in the Anti-Ageing field works with the so called HIFU technology and the letters stands short for High•Intensity•Focused•Ultrasound.  With the HIFU process, highly focused, intensive energy is released into the deep layers of the skin.  At a depth of 1,5 mm, 3 mm, 4.5 mm and more, the release of energy leads to thermal trauma in the treatment region and the triggering of repair processes in the skin, such as increased fibroblast activity with the formation of new collagen and elastin. 

The targeted heating of the SMAS layer beneath the dermis is achieved. 

The SMAS layer (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) is the layer to which the muscles of the face and the soft tissue adhere. The targeted brief heating of this layer with HIFU causes the deep skin structure to contract (shrinking effect). This achieves a comparable effect that is used in the facelift, in which the SMAS layer is also surgically contracted, which leads to a tightening of the upper skin layers. 

Magic Beauty works with the newest machine on the market, the 9D HIFU, which has the following advantages:

  • Clearly visible tightening effects;
  • Activation of Collagen;
  • No regeneration time necessary;
  • Treatment is well tolerated;
  • Increasing effect and long-lasting effect depending on age and skin condition;
  • Treatments in difficult regions such as the area around the eyes, nose with the 360-feature, nasolabial fold with single line cartridges, neck and body such as inner legs, arms, tummy and hands with impressive results!
  • The Lipo Hifu can also sculpt the body. 

Another technology is the RF (Radio-Frequency) treatment which is the newest machine combined with the HIFEM technology (high-intensity-focused-electromagnetic-energy).

PE (Perfect Energy) Face undoes the inevitable factors of ageing in the face — say goodbye to wrinkles, loss of volume & tissue decrease in the midface.
Minimising wrinkles and adding lift are the key benefits of this revolutionary treatment.

But how does the PE-Face work?

Synchronized Thermal Energy (Heat energy) reshapes and smoothes the skin by heating the dermis and increasing the level of collagen and elastin fibres.
The high-intensity pulse magnetic (High pulse) technology restores and enhances the support of facial tissues by selectively contracting muscles and increasing the density and quality of muscle structures.
The result is fewer wrinkles on the face, non-invasive natural lifting and firming of the face. Synchronous use of two powerful technologies, heat energy and high-intensity pulse magnetism can turn back time, and make the face look youthful.  The procedure is completely non-invasive and without any downtime for the clients.

Now you probably are asking yourself, but what is the difference between these treatments and which treatment would be best for you?!

Each skin condition is different and that’s why I offer every new client a complimentary consultation first to see what would be best. Sometimes it’s even necessary to combine treatments to achieve the best possible results.

It is the technology behind each treatment name that is key to the result of the treatment! Not the patented name! 

AND….with us you definitely do not pay Hollywood prices for these treatments! 


*Magic Beauty and Algarve Lifetsyle Magazine are pleased to offer new clients to Magic Beauty a 10% discount for an anti-aging treatment of your choice for any booking made in August and/or September.  To benefit from this offer simply quote ALM upon booking and Magic Beauty will be ready to welcome you.*