Chef Filipe Fernandes

Chef Filipe Fernandes is a seasoned culinary artist with over two decades of international experience. Born with a natural curiosity for gastronomy and a desire to blend it with artistry, he embarked on a journey early in life to explore the intricacies of the culinary arts.

After honing his skills at renowned establishments like Susur Lee in Toronto, Chef Filipe decided to return to his Portuguese roots and pursue opportunities in Europe. He has had the privilege of working in countries such as Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal, collaborating with talented international chefs along the way.

In 2020, Chef Filipe took a leap of faith and transitioned into the role of a Private Chef, adopting the Moniker Chef so Fresh. This new path allowed him to unleash his creativity and tailor menus to the unique preferences and dietary requirements of each client, emphasising local and fresh ingredients and fostering personal interaction.

Drawing inspiration from his travels, Chef Filipe developed a signature style that seamlessly combines traditional flavours with a modern twist. His culinary creations are a symphony of taste and presentation, expertly balancing textures, colours, and aromas to create an unforgettable dining experience.

Beyond the food itself, Chef so Fresh believes that a truly memorable meal is a sensory journey. Each dish tells a story, transporting diners to far-off lands through exquisite flavours and meticulous presentation.

In addition to his culinary achievements, Chef Filipe Fernandes proudly represented Portugal on the hit TV show “The World Cook” on Amazon Prime UK, competing against 16 other talented international chefs. One of his standout moments was the creation of his signature dish, the “Lobster Francesinha.” This extraordinary combination of lobster, the Queen of Portugal, and the unique twist of the Francesinha, a beloved dish from northern Portugal, showcased his ability to elevate traditional flavours and create something truly remarkable.

Having immersed himself in the rich culinary traditions of Italy through his partner’s heritage, Chef so Fresh infuses his dishes with a touch of Mediterranean magic, further enriching his culinary repertoire.

From the stunning landscapes of Portugal’s Douro Valley and the Algarve region to the idyllic beaches of Sardinia and the rolling hills of Saint Tropez, Chef Filipe finds himself falling more in love with his craft each day. He seeks out his next culinary destination, whether it’s aboard a luxurious barge amidst the natural beauty of Burgundy or another  breathtaking location. Chef Filipe’s passion for his job knows no bounds as he continues to explore and create in the world’s most captivating settings.