Nestled in the hills overlooking Loule, Goldra Dog Sanctuary – Canigoldra is currently home to approximately 70 dogs. Jan & her partner Ray have been on site for nearly 10 years caring for the dogs and finding them new homes. 
Many of the dogs currently at the Sanctuary are old or have underlying health problems, some of the dogs also have fear of humans or have suffered abuse in the past, these dogs live their lives out in a safe, clean sheltered environment.  
Daily volunteers come to help walk and clean the spaces, the volunteers are the backbone of the shelter.  The dogs that can be walked are walked daily, many are let off lead to sniff and run around and enjoy life, there is also a large play space for dogs to have safe off lead play time. 
Over the years many very sad cases have arrived, sick emaciated dogs, puppies in boxes or buckets, these dogs are cared for, medically treated and nursed back to life, the happy dogs in their homes far outweigh the sad cases that arrive. We are in contact with many of the adopters and have regular updates on our dogs in their homes.  
A recent celebration for us is the story of Stan. “Stan the man” as he was affectionately named, he came in having spent many years at a council run kennei. He had a reputation of being aggressive and was fully sedated for us to collect him. 
We could see from day one that Stan wanted attention so tentative initial steps to handle him began, within a matter of days he was jumping up to be held by the volunteers. This grew into him becoming highly affectionate to all. Next step was to try a short term foster to see how he would get on in a home setting. Stan the man did himself proud. He journeyed to Scotland to a rehoming kennel we work closely with and within days Stan was in love with his human companions in his forever home. 
We have a small dedicated group of volunteers that foster puppies and adult dogs in their homes, this is such an important aspect to what we do. For the puppies especially they are taught to walk on a lead, socialise with people, travel in a vehicle and learn how to live a normal life which makes the transition to a home so much easier, If you would like to foster short term or long term then please contact us.  
There is the hope for all the dogs with us that one day they will be ready for their forever home. Goldra is a long term shelter for many dogs but also a stepping stone to a better life. 
How can you help? 
Adopt, Volunteer, Foster, Donate, Sponsor a resident dog 
If you can help in any way and would like to make contact, please initially email 
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CANIGOLDRA Associacao  para defesa e recuperacao de animais is the non profit association that supports Goldra Dog Sanctuary. NIF 510454607 
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